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My Perspective on Consciousness

Thought provoking videos on how to live a more conscious life

My life has shifted radically as I have become more conscious and aware. I believe that we can only know each other as deep as we know ourselves. My hope is that my videos help you deepen into a more conscious, full and rewarding life where you are in control and free from the programming that keeps you from stepping into your authentic self. 

Jasper Jon


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Helping Conscious Creators

reach their audience through technology

I believe that technology is a tool and can be used for good. I have been working in tech and building personal websites for 10 years. I have turned my talents toward helping people who are on a mission to help raise the vibration of human consciousness by enabling them with the technology they need to reach their audiences.
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Personal Website

I have been creating complete personal websites for over 10 years. I have kept up to date on the latest, easiest tools to enable creators to easily manage their websites.


Brand & Logo Design

My degree is in Graphic Design and I have worked for a decade doing freelance brand and logo design. 


Social Media Strategy

I have built the brands for successful creators establishing social media presence and strategies across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.


Ready to Start?

I can help you bring your vision to life for your personal brand, vision and beyond. 

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Community is so important to me. I don’t want a pedestal. I don’t want a following. I want a circle where I can sit as equal among a loving community of fellow travelers on the path to self discovery. The world needs more voices in favor of positivity and light. I hope I inspire you to share your voice as well.

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About Me

My name is Jasper Jon. I believe that we are all truly whole just as we are, that everything is happening for you – not to you, and that we are all inextricably linked as one. My practice is to become more sensitive as I feel into the truth of this amazing magical thing we call life.

I didn’t always feel that way. 

For most of my adulthood I was very much working from a scarcity mindset as I chased material wealth and status. It was the story I had adopted and accepted without taking much time to question whether or not it was serving me, my community or the earth…

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