About Me

My name is Jasper Jon. I believe that we are all truly whole just as we are, that everything is happening for you – not to you, and that we are all inextricably linked as one. My practice is to become more sensitive as I feel into the truth of this amazing magical thing we call life.

When I was a child, I remember have a deep connection to nature. I would play in the mud, spend my days in the woods and live on the beach if I could. Magic was real for me, present in my waking life. 

My schooling was centered around art. From childhood I was making comics, which over time transitioned into a passion for animation, then painting and illustration and eventually graphic design where I got a degree from MICA. 

in 2012 I moved to San Francisco and got a job working as a graphic designer for a tech company on the 25th floor in the financial district. I quickly transitioned into product management. I wore many hats for the years as I helped grow a startup over 10 years from a 50 person company with no valuation, to a 1000 employee, $1.5 Billion company. Along the way I did graphic design, user experience, Product management, pitched to investors, worked with sales, built humanoid robots, and designed crypto-currencies! My career for 10 years has been as corporate, capitalistic and meritocratic and it comes…

Then I had my spiritual awakening. In a moment, my life was transformed forever. The past year has been the most transformative year of my life. I am deep in the process of being a student of life. As I learn more I have a deep desire to share my ideas and learnings. I believe that we are all the student and the teacher in all things. I am no one’s guru, just a humble soul, exploring the crazy magical thing we call life. 

Teachings and Teachers

who have influenced me the most.

Hermetic Laws
Gene Keys